Jacobus Albertus (Koos De Wet was born in Pretoria, South Africa. 6 September 1973, and throughout his life lived in Hartbeespoort , Ceres , Johannesburg and Cape Town. Koos has explored several creative fields such as advertising art, graphic design, animation, decor design and even worked as a night-club DJ. Above all he loves painting.

The sculptor, Louis Chanu has had a passion for sculpting since he was a child. He has an incredible ability to transform any material into 3 dimensionality, be it wax, clay or new materials, which he is constantly investigating. He is also extremely versatile in his subject matter, having sculpted realistic figures, and at the same time abstract and organic shapes.
Nicole Pletts was brought up in Cowies Hill and Westville.  She has been studying art and painting since 1997.  Whilst Nicole generally prefers working in oils, she also loves painting in watercolours.  Nicole has been involved in many Art Organisations and has been on various Art Committees for many years.  Nicole is a very versatile artist and paints a variety of subjects.  She is however most well known for her paintings which include the human figure, most often portrayed in a masculine role, a limited palette and with a distinctly modern edge to each painting.  A few years ago, she was able to fulfil her lifelong aspiration to paint full time in order to make art her career.  Nicole supplies many local Galleries in and around Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Clarens.

Peter was born in Johannesburg in 1969. In 1986, he matriculated from Kearsney College, where he won numerous art awards including the illustrious Natal Schools Art Award and the Grahamstown Art Festival Award. He went on to study art and graphic design at the Witwatersrand Technicon, where he won the Wilsenach Young Designer's Award. On completion of his studies, he joined Young & Rubicam, an internationally recognised advertising agency, where he worked as an art director and illustrator.

From the artist:

"Nothing ruins a grandiose sense of self like a hyperactive sense of irony. I am  prevented therefore from uttering with any seriousness an ambition that is non-the-less heartfelt:
to celebrate, with a single iconic image, each uniquely intriguing facet of human existence.  This task would of course take many lifetimes, and while I might conceivably have many lives it is doubtful whether I would remember my task from one life to the next; becoming instead the postmaster at Wellington, then a bureaucrat in Bangladesh, followed by a housewife in Durban – each without the slightest interest in illustrating the human condition. For this reason I am driven by a deep sense of urgency in this lifetime – straining against the undertow of time to expand my understanding of the light bulb moments I am determined to illustrate. Luckily for me I find the story of Sisyphus more amusing than tragic, and my favourite word in the English language is Nympholepsy, which, to paraphrase the Oxford dictionary, is ecstasy or madness caused by pursuit of the unattainable.

If anything it is reassuring to know that one’s journeying will never be threatened by something as crass as destination, and it is pure bliss to paint that journey."
Rick is a self taught artist who started painting full time in 1989.  His first solo exhibition was at the Sanlam Centre, Pretoria, in 1989. Since then, he has had numerous solo and joint exhibitions throughout South Africa.

Russell Travers was born in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1960. He grew up in Cape Town and in 1981 left South Africa and traveled to Sweden as a refugee and received asylum there. In 1998 he opened a daylight studio in Cape Town, using it as a base for his expanding repertoire of large format oil paintings and rented the studio location to production companies for use in both the fashion and film industries.

Whether it’s with a paintbrush in her studio or a make-up brush on a film shoot – Samantha loves the creative process…. it’s all she has ever done…and all she’s ever wanted to do…

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