Kelly John Gough

Kelly John Gough showed a keen aptitude for art from the age of four and was trained by his father, himself a fine artist. His fascination with the human form has endured.

Kelly studied art throughout school and decided to become a professional artist but was discouraged by well-meaning people. Thus he studied graphic design and spent a frustrating eight years in Advertising.

In 2002 Kelly received patronage which enabled him to pursue his dream and produce an extensive body of work. It was during this time that he developed the visceral technique that makes his work immediately recognizable in galleries and interior design stores around the country.

He has sold works privately to collectors locally and internationally. He will also be exhibiting at this year’s national arts festival in Grahams town.


* Golden Dawn Gallery 1999

* Eddie Zoom Gallery 2002

* Gilles Botbyl Gallery 2005

* Dorp Street Gallery 2010

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