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31 March 2011

RED! The Gallery invites you to an art exhibition of new works by: Hugo Maritz, Sam Brown, Andrew Sutherland                                            and Kelly John Gough at 6.30pm on Thursday 31 March 2011. 

RSVP: red@redthegallery.co.za or call us on 021 701 0886

RED! Cafe will be open for dinner reservations - limited space so booking is essential.                                                                            BOOKINGS: 021 702 4466

15 January 2011
An art & jazz evening was held at Red! The Gallery & Red! Cafe on Saturday 15 Jan. Guests were treated to a three course meal while artist Derric van Rensburg did a" paint jam" and German modern & jazz pianist, Alexander Poth played.Derric's painting was auctioned to the highest bidder on the evening.
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27 November 2010

double vision noun - the simultaneous perception of two images, usually overlapping, of a single scene or object. Exhibition two artists, similar or the same subject matter, two takes, two visions - all new work


28 May 2010
A solo Exhibition of Rick Becker’s works was held at Red! The Gallery on Friday 28 May 2010.
This multi talented P.E. Artist exhibited three of his styles: Abstract, Geometric and Realistic landscape, so although a solo exhibition this outstanding body of work was almost that of three very different artists. Rick’s work was extremely well received and we look forward to exhibiting with him in the future.
23 February 2010
An exclusive evening was held at RED! the Gallery & Café des Arts on 23 February to launch Anthony Wakaba Mutheki to the Cape Town market. The honoured guests were invited to an exclusive exhibition of Wakaba's latest work & treated to a three course meal by chef extraordinaire Chris Hoffman, now at Cafe des Arts. Top Billing was there to film the evening and capture Wakaba on camera as he painted one of his latest works in just over an hour for guests in awe at the talent & charisma of this incredible Kenyan artist
23 February 2010
Top Billing feature on Wakaba Mutheki
17 November 2011

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